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This page contains links to eMedTV Colon Cancer Articles containing information on subjects from Follow-up Care for Colon Cancer to Rectal Cancer. The information is organized alphabetically; the "Favorite Articles" contains the top articles on this page. Links in the box will take you directly to the articles; those same links are available with a short description further down the page.
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  • Follow-up Care for Colon Cancer
    Once treatment is complete, follow-up care for colon cancer is necessary to monitor recovery. As this eMedTV article explains, cancer cells may remain in the body -- even after treatment. Follow-up care for colon cancer involves checkups and tests.
  • Generic Avastin
    Right now, generic Avastin is not available and, as this eMedTV resource explains, may never be available if the laws surrounding biopharmaceuticals are not changed. This page also explains what biologic drugs are and the laws that pertain to them.
  • Generic Camptosar
    Several strengths of generic Camptosar (irinotecan) are currently available. This eMedTV Web page takes a closer look at these available strengths and explains whether these generics are as good as the brand-name version of the medication.
  • Generic Eloxatin
    As explained in this article from the eMedTV Web site, you can now purchase generic Eloxatin (oxaliplatin). This page gives an overview of this topic and lists some of the companies that make the generic versions.
  • Generic Erbitux
    This eMedTV resource explains why no generic versions of Erbitux (cetuximab) are available at this time. It also discusses when this situation might change and points out the difference between a generic name and a generic version.
  • Generic Stivarga
    As this eMedTV page explains, there is currently no generic Stivarga (regorafenib). This article explains why companies are not allowed to make a generic version, and explains the difference between a "generic name" and a generic version of a drug.
  • Generic Vectibix
    As a "biologic" medicine, Vectibix (panitumumab) is not allowed to be manufactured in generic form. This eMedTV page explores the current regulations that prevent generic versions of biologic drugs and discusses when generic Vectibix might be made.
  • Generic Zaltrap
    It is unknown when a generic Zaltrap (ziv-aflibercept) product will become available. This eMedTV page explains why companies are not allowed to make a generic version of this drug. It also explains why ziv-aflibercept is not the same as generic Zaltrap.
  • Getting Started - Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
    This video segment describes what will happen on the day of your flexible sigmoidoscopy.
  • How Safe Is a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?
    How Safe is Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?
  • Information About Collin Cancer
    This eMedTV resource offers a brief overview of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of colon cancer, a disease in which cancerous cells originate in the colon. Information about collin cancer is a common misspelling and variation of colon cancer.
  • Information on Colon Cancer
    This eMedTV Web page presents some general information on colon cancer. This includes the steps in the diagnostic process and what happens if a diagnosis of colon cancer is confirmed. There is also a link to a detailed overview article on this topic.
  • Kolon Cancer
    Colon cancer is a disease that is more likely to affect people over the age of 50. This eMedTV Web page lists other risk factors for colon cancer and explains what symptoms may occur. Kolon cancer is a common misspelling of colon cancer.
  • Leaving the Facility After a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy -- Diabetic Information
    This multimedia clip explains what diabetics need to be aware of with this procedure.
  • Metastatic Head and Neck Cancer and Erbitux
    Among the conditions Erbitux can treat is head and neck cancer that has metastasized (spread). This eMedTV article discusses this specific use for the drug, with a link to more information on its various uses and whether it can be given to children.
  • Nerve Problems With Eloxatin
    If you are undergoing cancer treatment with Eloxatin (oxaliplatin), you could develop nerve problems. This eMedTV segment outlines some of these side effects and offers tips on reducing your risk, such as avoiding cold temperatures.
  • Other Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Risks
    This video clip describes factors that can cause major complications with colonoscopy.
  • Precautions and Warnings With Capecitabine
    This eMedTV resource outlines some of the precautions and warnings with capecitabine to be aware of prior to taking the drug. This includes a list of people who should not take the medication and what to discuss with your doctor before treatment.
  • Radiation Treatment for Colon Cancer
    Radiotherapy, also known as radiation treatment for colon cancer, uses radiation to kill cancer cells. This eMedTV Web page discusses this treatment options at length, with information about common side effects and what to do if you experience them.
  • Rectal Cancer
    Rectal cancer is a disease that occurs when cancer cells form in the tissue of the rectum. This eMedTV article discusses this condition in detail, including information about risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.
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